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The “Blog Entries” book is a PDF file from postings to this site and will be sent as an attachment to your e-mail address. As PDFs they may be extensively searched.

Getting Started in Genealogy is an 8 1/2″ x 11″, PDF book.

With so many books with similar titles, why this one? I have been teaching a 12-hour adult course in Genealogy for the past several years at Armstrong Atlantic State University, Skidaway Community Institute, The Marshes of Skidaway Island and the Savannah Live Oak Library System. In order to help my students grasp what they needed for success, I reached back into my professional life as a management consultant and asked, “How did I approach a new assignment in a new company, where issues were the same but different in many ways?” There was a simple answer. Our team of consultants would develop a Work Plan to insure we covered all proper channels, individuals and processes for the task at hand. A Work Plan!

So I wrote and organized my course around the concept of a Work Plan, starting with the very most basic issues. To effectively perform a genealogy study, one must touch every step required for success, usually in a sequential manner. This book covers in reasonable detail each step of a meaningful Work Plan, suggesting where additional data might be found if and when needed. Here are some of the Table of Contents:
• A Work Plan
• Documenting Your Sources
• Decisions You Must Make
• Final Product of Your Research
• Guidance on City, County, Family Associations, DNA, etc.
• Mapping Grants, Patents, Land Ownerships
• Printing and Publishing your Legacy
• Preserving Older Documents and Treasures
• Writing an Autobiography

Please contact us for prices on multiple copies, and especially if used as a classroom text.

I am a member of: Sons of the American Revolution, Mayflower Society, Jamestowne Society, New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), and numerous County, State, Surname and related groups.

I have written 6 family history books which can be found in the Genealogical Society of Utah Library, the New England Historic and Genealogical Society (NEHGS), the New York Public Library and the Allen County (IN) Public Library.

8 Responses to “Genealogy Books for Sale”

  1. Roland S Summers MD says:

    Please put an order for me for “Getting Started in Geneology….”

  2. RON THOMPSON says:



  3. James Laffoon says:

    I have known Charlie for a number of years and we have worked on various projects together. I can say without question, he is very willing to share his knowledge and always seems to have a way of improving on an idea or a task that is undertaken. I can’t thank him enough for the assistance he has given me.

    His attention to detail is one of his traits I have noticed that stands out. Once you have read his book, you will instantly recognize what I mean. Although the book does not deal with every aspect of Geneolgy, that is not it’s purpose. This book is for the beginner. In a very understandable style, it will outline and explain in every detail from A to Z what one needs to do to insure a sucessful and organized Family History pursuit.

    My advice as someone who has worked on Genealogy for over 20 years is to get a great book from a great guy. Don’t think you can do better.

    Great job Charlie
    Jim Laffoon

  4. Silvia Bettega says:

    I would be very interested in getting the book. Please reserve a copy for me.


  5. Debbie Calvert says:

    Please reserve a copy of your book “Getting Started in Genealogy” for me. Thanks,

  6. Richard Berkowitz says:

    Please reserve two books autographed for me. Dick

  7. Dorothy Lowe says:

    Please reserve a book for me. Dottie Lowe

  8. Bob Johnston says:

    I ordered your book. Will you be conducting those seminars again…in Savannah or anywhere else nearby, such as in North Carolina?

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