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The software company for my genealogy software (Reunion) produces a daily Q & A e-mail where one can pose a question and receive from other members an answer. Sometimes the answer must – and does – come from the company itself. All questions/answers are categorized and may be queried at any time in a database available to all.

Lately there have been many questions on “where” to put certain data. Such data is often military service, membership organizations, illnesses, cause of death, education and so forth.

While there are many ways to skin a cat, I will share my way. Everything I learn about a person is placed in the Notes section (and most software has such a section) in chronological sequence. Any work in genealogy should be for the benefit of others, whether they be relatives or descendants. Such writings must be interesting and easily followed, and a chronological biography is readable. Jumping from listings of Military to Census to Illnesses is not.

Now, let me quickly acknowledge some people have a major reason for performing genealogy to determine if there exists a genetic predilection to a disease and others may wish to account for wartime efforts. In this case a Flag or a Named Fact like Cause of Death would be appropriate.

Yet while in those cases I would applaud the use of named events, I would still insist that the chronological paragraphs of findings are more readable and thus suggest one uses both techniques.

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