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I have written before about the value of adding pertinent history surrounding or on the date of particular events in the lives of our ancestors. I believe it makes reading our family histories more interesting and sometimes helps to explain their reactions or actions to those events.

Earlier in December 2009 I copied from my father’s biography or Notes a description of the The Mexican Punitive Expedition of 1916-1917 because he had participated in that event.

I also added the following  taken from the local newspaper of the day: By means of the wonderful long distance telephone, people in Madisonville can now talk with people at Hopkinsville, Nashville, Henderson, Evansville and intermediate points, and the conversation can be as distinctly understood as if the persons conversing were within a few feet of one another. The route will be extended to Louisville in the spring. I added, “his birthday was thus celebrated.”

Since Google can tell you almost anything you want to know, today for the first time I asked what happened on his birthday, and this resulted in my adding:

“His birthday failed to forecast the future, however, as on that day The United States Supreme Court declared income tax to be unconstitutional in Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co.”

Historical and interesting, would you not agree?

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  1. I’ve known for a while about the value of reading the history of the time an ancestor lived, but what a great idea to ask Google what events took place on an ancestor’s birth date.

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