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Are you spending hours wondering what presents to give for Christmas? Is the recipient too young for this, too old for that ….. and how could you possibly impact his or her future life meaningfully beyond a few hours?

Do you have one of the following on your list:

  • A person close to or in retirement with no hobby beyond golf,
  • A person facing the “empty nest” problem,
  • A person who enjoys a challenge but has not found one,
  • A person who loves history,
  • A person who loves history yet can’t connect their ancestry to that history?

Here’s a thought.

Genealogy is one of the most popular hobbys in the world. It is a hobby deeply connected to history. A hobby requiring logic, research and organizational skills. It inevitably allows one to meet and discuss with many new friends and cousins a matter of interest to both – their ancestors or methods of research.

Most important, it is a hobby which allows one to leave a meaningful legacy for children, grandchildren and generations beyond. Memories go  soon; the written word remains forever.

So ….. why not give a copy of the book for sale on this web site entitled “Getting Started in Genealogy, or, How To Leave a Legacy and Have Fun Doing So”.

The impact on the recipient could be enormous, could involve the entire extended family and as said, leave a meaningful legacy.

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