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On December 6, 2010 Google brought forth its promised trove of books available at their Internet site. What’s a trove? In Google’s case some 3 million books, many of which are free public domain works.

I have spent some time wandering about the site and already have found a half dozen books having promise for my own research. The trip through the site is easy. The results are books of interest which can be downloaded as PDFs and stored on your own systems – tablets, flash drives, hard drives, or whatever.

Here’s what you do. Go to http://goo.gl/85COh.

Key in “Genealogy” in the box on the upper right. You can also select Free Genealogy.

Click on “Free only” on the upper left. (or, review those for sale before hitting Free).

Review the “Free only” books and find those of interest.

Click on one, let’s say for illustration Foster Genealogy, Part 1,

When Foster Genealogy, Part 1 comes up, click on “Read on your device” on upper right,

Then either read on a Smartphone, a Laptop, eReader or at the bottom click on Download PDF under the Adobe logo.

Continue with your research acknowledging in your Source record that the book was found on Google eBookstore.

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