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I use a MacIntosh for a computer and Reunion for my genealogy software.

One the most fascinating and useful features in Reunion is the “Ages” capabilities. This routine prepares a list of  important events in one person’s life. The events are birth and death dates of siblings, parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren. Calculations include the person’s age for each event, and day of the week for the event.

Perspective events can be added such as who was President, where the Olympics were held,  music composer’s births, and aviation history. Or one could create their own list of interesting events and have them interspersed with the data about the person in question.

Think about this: One could prepare a reasonably interesting biography of considerable length just from this list. One could also turn the list into a novel very quickly with no other data, just your imagination.

Leaving a Legacy is pretty easy in the Genealogy world.

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