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It may be of help to some to list the technology I use. However, do not conclude that to become a Genealogist one must have all of these items. You don’t even need a computer, but could go to your local library for the Internet. You could use the local Kinkos for a printer when needed. You could backup with an inexpensive online system. And your computer if you have to have one could be a refurbished one, which all of mine are except the MacBook.

Here is the list:

* Hardware: I have three laptops: Two are Macintosh PowerBook G3s, built in   2000 and still work like a charm. The third is a new MacBook 5,2.
In addition I have a Mac Pro Tower with two screens. With two screens and the ability to drag back and forth, I have in essence a 38 inch screen.
* External storage: 2 thumb drives. Free Agent Drive-250GB.
* Online storage: None
* Backup: Time Machine (free)
* Firewall: Built-in
* Virus Protection: None (it’s a Mac)
* Anti-Spyware: None (it’s a Mac)
* File cleaner: None
* Printer: HP Photosmart C4795 all in one printer, scanner, copier.
* Phone: TracPhone
* Email: Mac Mail, AOL Mail and GMail (all free)
* Mobile Device: Only TracPhone and Laptop
* Music Media: Mac iTunes
* eBook Reader: None
* Browser: Firefox and Safari (both free)
* Calendar: iCal (free)
* Graphics: Adobe PhotoShop, Reader, and Acrobat Pro
* Screen Capture: Shift/Control/4 (enough to buy a Mac for and free)
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (free)
*  Office Suite: Microsoft Office
* Blog: WordPress
* Genealogy Database: Reunion

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