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Geneabloggers.com is a most interesting site and one with value. It introduces genealogists to the many blogs which exist to help new and experienced  genealogists with fresh thoughts, techniques and approaches.

The site is run by Thomas MacEntee. A co-author is Gini Webb, an experienced genealogy researcher with one very particular attribute – she was born in Augsburg, Germany, about 50 miles northwest of Munich, and researches extensively her own ancestry in that country. Many of us, including me, could benefit from that experience…. and she is willing to help.

Gini now lives in San Diego and manages her own blog Ginisology. In addition she can be found at:
facebook.com and

I recommend these sites highly.

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  1. Gini Webb says:

    Thank you Charles. I have alot of learning to do on my German heritage. My mom is very knowledgeable in German history and is very willing to translate or help in any way she can.

    I enjoyed featuring you and your blog.

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