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Upon the decision to start collecting family data from Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Siblings and Grandchildren, there follows suggestions on how to perform this function.

First, obtain sufficient copies of the Family Group Sheet (FGS).

Second, prepare an E-mail and a letter for those without e-mail to transmit your request to all relatives.

Third, word the E-mail/Letter generally as follows:

I believe Family History is important to all of us and in particular for our young ones so that they can know more from where we came and who we are. Enclosed (or attached if an E-mail) is a Family Group Sheet which helps to organize that which you know and can share. On the Family Group Sheet:

•         Please include if known the FULL name of each person, including MIDDLE name;

•         Please include COUNTY in addition to city and state, if known;

•         Because I intend to write a book for the use of the extended family, I ask that you send me an E-mail or other electronic communication addressing the biographical items you would like included. You should consider covering your early life, your schooling, work career, homemaker career, hobbies and community activities. If you prefer to merely write this information on the back of the FGS, that is alright as well.

•         Pictures you provide of individuals will make the book that much more interesting;

•         I will not post the data you provide on the Internet but it will remain within the family. I will treat all you submit with confidentiality, beyond inclusion in our book.

Let me know names & addresses of any other family members.

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