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I often find with Mac users, especially those new to the Mac, a lack of awareness of one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal. The use of the Command/Shift/4 capability, which I will call CS4.

Especially in genealogy but likewise useful in everyday computer operations, we face on the screen a page from which we wish but a small section of that page, say a picture of a famous residence without the attendant description. There may be an article with a useful picture of a group of people, from which we wish but one person of those in the picture.

When you simultaneously hit CS4, there appears on the screen a “bullseye” appearing item replacing the cursor. If you will scroll that bullseye over that section of the page or picture or whatever, upon releasing the bullseye there will be available a .pgn of the desired item on your desktop or download area. This .pgn stands for Portable Network Graphics. PGNs may be placed anywhere a jpeg or other graphic may be placed, including WORD documents, internet sites and so forth.

If someone knows a PC equivalent, write the article, send it via an e-mail to this site and I will publish it giving you full attribution.

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