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In a previous posting here, there was a discussion of the preparation of an autobiography using the Chronological format. Here is a different method I used which was a combination of Autobiography and the Genealogy of my families.

My approach resulted in ten chapters. A description of each follows.

Chapter 1. A Genealogy Preface, which discusses what I knew (which was little) before starting my research, what induced me to begin, and the steps I took to create this document.

Chapter 2. My Genesis. A description of my birth, youth, education, work career and retirement years. This included where we had lived and a discussion of those places.

Chapter 3. A History of the Surname. Where it first appeared and how it was modified down through the years.

Chapter 4. A five-generation Pedigree Chart.

Chapter 5. Five paternal lines, plus certain addendums.

Chapter 6. Two maternal lines, plus certain addendums.

Chapter 7. Ancient Ancestors which are probable ancestors without adequate adequate source documents.

Chapter 8. A discussion of probable and perhaps mythical early kingdoms,
from which I and my wife can trace our backgrounds.

Chapter 9. Listing of all living cousins so that my children can know their cousins as I did not, until this effort.

Chapter 10. Discussion of my personal beliefs, religion, politics and certain other messages I wish to leave behind.

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