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For a book released August 1, 2009, these early reviews on Amazon are heartwarming to the author, and useful to family history researchers and those looking for an appropriate book. The book may be bought by clicking on the BuyNow button to the right.

Ilario Simonette says:
Bourland’s work plan approach makes me confident that I could have produced a much better family history that is accurate and with a lot less pain. Trying to research my family tree and write my family history was not easy, since it was necessary that I travel to the Calabria and Sicily regions of Italy to start the process. Being new to this type of analysis, I was essentially rudderless, became frustrated and quickly realized that I would get nowhere without help. Consequently, I hired a genealogist in Agrigento, Sicily at considerable expense to guide me. Bourland proves that writing a family history does not have be like that. Based on my experience, he proves in a masterful and balanced way that if one has a plan with direction and priorities and uses tools that are available – one can produce results. I’m glad I found this book, and I am using it as a guide as I start the second phase of my research.

Norman S. Mcfall of Troy, New York says on: An Essential Genealogical Guide.
Researching my family’s history about a year ago, I had run into a deadend and
accumulated lots of data on randomly organized sheets of paper. Then I came across this book by Bourland. His Work Plan made all the difference. It gave
me a method of organizing and storing paper and photos and provided a path to a
more intelligent method of working. I have followed this method with success
ever since.

Silvia Bettega says: I loved this book!!
This book is a must for anybody interested in exploring the world of genealogy. I considered researching my family background for many years but felt overwhelmed by the task and did not know where to start. This book took the fear out of the job: it is easy to follow, clear, and full of useful resources. I highly recommend this book to all of you who, not unlike me, want to start the exciting adventure of “getting started in genealogy.” Thanks, Mr. Bourland.

Robert B. Heath “Bob” of Savannah, GA says:
My Father, born in 1885, knew and wrote about our Family back to 1781. Another relative took it back to 1685. Charles Bourland asked me to study his genealogy approaches and I said “NO, I HAVE IT ALL”. But he did not stop and easily found my history back to 1510 in England. His work and approaches have opened new horizons to researching on the computer and taught what to look for in searching my own history by visiting old towns, court houses, genealogy sights, etc. I was so lucky to find Charles Bourland’s work.

Dick Bailey of Sarasota, Florida says:
Other books on this subject were far too complicated and difficult to get through. This book suffers from NONE of that. It is “right on” and easy to follow and I highly recommend it.
Margaret L. S. Breese of Haddonfield, NJ says:
Genealogy was a complete mystery to me until I experienced Charles Bourland’s new book, “Getting Started in Genealogy, or, How To Leave a Legacy and Have Fun Doing So”. His “process” for investigation is outstanding and was not only highly motivational, but completely resourceful. When one inherits boxes of family records, how do you organize them? Charles Bourland’s book gives you the easiest and most creative ways to start your family research. For anyone interested in discovering where they came from and all the possible connections involved, “Getting Started in Genealogy, or How To Leave a Legacy and Have Fun Doing So” is a fabulous resource.

Ronald and Madeline Thompson of Ridgefield CT say:
A must for all families that have any interest in their heritage. The author has
penned a wonderful guide which, if followed, will take you on one of the most
interesting journeys of your life. A great gift for children of all ages. Kudos
to the author.
Ann Robertson says: An Excellent Genealogical Resource
Mr. Bourland’s book, Getting Started in Genealogy, was a big help to me in my genealogical research. He introduced me to resources that enabled me to get past major roadblocks in my searches. His Work Plan helped me reorganize my thinking and gave me the tools to put things together in a way that made sense.

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