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About: Carol Vass

Full Name
Carol Lee (Glass) Vass
Carol Vass is a 'retired' art major (with all the typical attributes of 'randomness' that college major implies), who is shocked that, since 1995, she has fallen so deeply into the black hole of genealogy research (requiring a certain degree of linear thinking and an incredible degree of persistence to be able to identify 73 surnames that she can document as ancestors) and, since 2003, into the even deeper and blacker hole of Y-DNA testing as an adjunct tool for genealogy research (requiring learning at least the basics of molecular biology, along with recognizing and understanding the role of statistics and mathematical probability formulas in the analysis of DNA results). When I say that I do not understand the 'math' associated with DNA analyses, my husband (a retired electrical engineer) will always pipe up and say, lovingly, but through gritted teeth, "Heck, Carol, you do not really understand arithmetic!" A true statement, but I am muddling through the complications of Y-DNA testing, with great joy!! Carol is an Administrator of the Alexander, Berry and Dillon Families DNA projects.

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