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This is a rant, but I assure you not a political rant. It is a rant on wasted effort and money.

All genealogists rely heavily on Census records. The Census is federally mandated every ten years. Its data may not be released to the public for 70 years after that. Thus, the 1940 Census should be released this year.

The 2010 Census is a total embarrassment and waste of money. It boils down to two questions: Who are you and are you a Latin; and who else is in your household and are they Latin. Let me here disclose I am not personally a Latin, but I am married to a Uruguayian, and my two sons are married one to a Brasilian and one to a Cuban.

I consider the 2010 Census an out and out Liberal attempt to insure proper gerrymandering and capture of the ever expanding Latin population. Why?

Here are some prior Census data questions and imagine what you would have
designed had you been on the design committee for this Census.

Example questions from prior Censuses, still useful:
Relationship to head of household
Age or birth year
Place of birth
Own home or rent
Radio (TV), how many
Place of birth
Mother place of birth
Father place of birth
Year of immigration

In other words, this expensive effort could have provided both the government and genealogist with considerable useful information had it been designed properly.

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