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The October 1, 2009 posting was entitled “A ‘To-Do’ List for Genealogists”.
This posting will discuss:

#5. Go for organization of your work

While sometimes there are days and days between findings for the research asssociated with genealogy, there is often the tendancy for us to let the organizing of the findings slip. And suddenly, there are many pieces of paper, many photographs, many internet pages which have yet to find a home. If you think ahead, you can anticipate your needs and determine how you will deal with this problem. What follows are a few suggestions for electronic folders.

Families Folder: Within this folder will be another folder for each surname you are researching. Her you would place copies of electronic data sent to you, internet pages you have found, and so forth.

Letters Folder: Each letter sent or received would be placed in the manner of 09/10/02 (for Oct 2, 2009) followed by last name.first name of person to or from.

Locations: Since you will find your ancestors and family have moved probably many times, you will need State and within State County or City folders.

Photographs Folder: On a spreadsheet use the genealogical software assigned number for a person or family, followed by name and description. So for example you might have: “1352   Smith, H          On horseback.”

Trips Folder: You will – or at least should – make numerous trips to special towns, libraries and the like. For each you should create a Trip Report and they should be filed for easy retrieval.

There will be others such as DNA, Land, and major events such as wars. But those given will get you started. The key is to put items where they belong as soon as you find and process them. Of course, you will also need some manila folders, where the main ones will be for surnames, people and so forth your research has not yet accepted as belonging to your family.

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