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While this posting may suggest to the reader a worthwhile web site with which you are unfamiliar, this is an admittedly blatant appeal for your help. If you have found my web-site of use in your genealogical research, AND, if you are willing to do something significant for me and those writers who contribute, go to …….


Scroll down to Section 6 and mark:

[_] Genealogy How To.com, www.genealogyhowto.com.

Just think. This web-site has been going only since April 19, 2009, whereas Dick Eastman has been going since way before June 2004. The only way Google lets the world know about a web site is if you have traffic, and that is where you can help.

And since this site has a Motto of “Every Posting Must Be Broadly Helpful”, when you do this you may also find two other useful web-sites, and they in turn will show you even more from which you can select those of interest.

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