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Most genealogy software companies know that their users are often relatively inexperienced with computers and certainly with the software in question. Almost all staff their tech support desk with knowledgeable people and almost all are readily available to help.

Do not hesitate to call if you have trouble. If you expect trouble, then:

1. Make a so-called contemporaneous record of the call, which by the way is accepted in a court of law. That is, write the date, time of day on a paper. Next ask for the full name of the representative; if he says Fred, ask what’s your last name Fred? Make him feel at home by referring to him by name Fred, or better Mr. Smith. Then record any important item which occurs during the call. You can flesh out your record after you hang up.

2. Be respectful. If you can not understand him, say “you have been helpful but I am having trouble understanding the explanation. May I speak to another person, please”.

3. Make sure you have at your fingertips the application you were working on, the version of all software involved including the operating system, all else going on at the time so that you properly frame your problem.

4. Ask to speak to a supervisor if need be. And or call back to get another support person. But you should always be able to speak to a supervisor. Don’t forget, you have the person’s name if he handled you unprofessionally such as hanging up.

5. If nothing works, send an email or letter to the manufacturer describing your problem, relying upon your contemporaneous recording for descriptions. But be respectful. Also, call other experts you may know.

Above all, remain calm and don’t let your frustration ruin your day.

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