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Genealogists often create Register Reports from their database. These reports often come out into Microsoft’s WORD. Often there are graphics or pictures of a person, their home, perhaps a headline that one wishes to put into the Register. Some times one wishes to highlight a particular fact, for example, “James arrived on the Queen Anne in 1789”.

In order to place into Word a picture, a piece of clip art or an enlarged section of text, the steps to follow are:

(1)    Place your cursor near where you “might” want the item to go.

(2)    Go to the Word menu at the top of the screen and  open Insert and select Picture.

(3)    At Picture, select as appropriate, let’s say From File.

The File can be a file of photographs from which you could select the picture of the person involved in the document. The File could have Desktop selected and there you could have placed some item appropriate to the moment. Or you could have selected Clip Art. Select as appropriate and click on Insert.

(4)   You also could select at Insert Text Box, which would allow  you to place text within the box.

Now with the item – whether Text, Photograph or Clip Art – click on the inserted item and then go to Format in the Word Menu. Click on Picture. Then click on Layout and finally click on Tight or otherwise as desired.

Presto, you have significantly improved the readability of the Register and probably increased the interest level of the reader.

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