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There are several questions relating to genealogy I am often asked. The first one is more a statement – “Well, my (Uncle or someone ) did a tremendous lot of work on my family and published a book. A great piece of work.” What the speaker means is, why should I do anything, (Uncle) already did it.

My response is normally, “Well, if you have children, I doubt if your (Uncle) included your spouse’s family – which after all, did supply half of your children’s blood and many of their traits”.

The failure to include the families of both parents is the modern day suffrage issue. Why do we keep ignoring the women in this world? Frankly, most of the fun discoveries I have found in genealogy occurred on the female side.

After all, the search for your surname ends rather quickly, but after each preceding generation the wife opens a whole new world of surnames to which you are and your children are related.

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